[Experiences] Life Without a Car

I keep on stumbling into people who challenge me on the need for a car, and I counter challenge them to share their experience of living without one on Better Century. If you are living without a car please let others know how you do it, and how the finances of this work out.

Your experience will help educate other people and they can also challenge you about how possible it is for them to make the same decision… Through open dialogue we will arrive at the truth!

Aa a family we have been without a car for many years. Our experience of cities is so different to car drivers especially in Oxford when there are so many green routes not open to cars. We walk and train so much we have saved a fortune (we hire cars when we need them) but the best thing for me is not having to worry if the car is OK!

Thanks Jamie. How much do you think you spend on hiring cars per annum? Can you also get cars easily and where do you hire them from?

We live in Jericho which does make it quite easy. There are four or five car club cars within easy reach of us and three or four car hire companies down on Osney Mead.

We used to hire quite often but it’s less and less now as we change our habits. The car club is only for things like trips to the dump and the car hire when we go away for weekends to places not easily accessible by train.

I suppose the car cost around £2000 a year? Maybe more. We didn’t win anything like that much

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