About Better Living

Our lives can cost less, we can be healthier and have more time. Find out how sustainable fashion, food, technology and zero waste living can improve your life as well as the world around you.

By buying more carefully and using less, we can be healthier and have more time for our friends, family and neighbours. It is possible to live with zero waste and to dramatically reduce our impact on the environment through our decisions. We win and so does the next generation!

Here you will be empowered with the knowledge of how and why different decisions can make a difference. From learning about the real impact of fashion and food through to how to improve health and beauty without this costing the Earth. You can be inspired by new ways to use your leisure time and if you’ve got children or pets, we’ve got solutions for you too!

It is difficult to cut through the noise sometimes, so here we aim to offer some simple clarity. Check out our pages and think about joining our community so you can continually be inspired by others.

Ask a question about any of the following areas and get support from our community:

  • Fashion
  • Food and Drink
  • Children
  • Technology
  • Hygiene and Beauty
  • Leisure
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