About Better Living

Every one of us makes decisions every day that can create a better environment for the future. It could be the mobile phone you use, the clothes you buy, the food you eat… How do we get started? Join the discussion by replying or start your own topic.

We’ll talk anything, including:

  • Food - does becoming a vegan solve the climate crisis, do I really have to give up meat?
  • Tools - this might be your mobile phone to the drill you have bought to use at work.
  • Clothes & Shoes - What your clothes are made of through to how they are produced, will impact the environment according to people practices.
  • Health and Beauty - This might from how your shampoo is packaged through to what’s in your eyeliner.

Let’s talk about what’s good and bad, and let’s share some things which we’ve found out which could be useful to others!

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