#WorldFoodDay: Recommendations from the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the UN

Today’s #WorldFoodDay is about nourishing people, while nurturing the planet and calls for action to make healthy and sustainable diets accessible to everyone.

The FAO are calling on people to:

  • Reduce their ‘foodprint’

  • Diversify their diet

  • Eat sustainably sourced fish

  • Keep food fresh and waste less

Sound simple enough? We can all take action: https://buff.ly/2ZVNIM2

We’ve seen a few topics arise of late surrounding best diets for sustainability and would really love to know what people are specifically doing to meet the above. This could include anything as simple as storing your food properly to avoid wastage through to any subscription food services you might have. Literally anything… let’s hear all your food hacks!

We’d love to bring them all together to create a Food Waste Challenge for new members!