What is the impact of the click and delivery?

So everyone these days just gets stuff delivered at the touch of a button. A great convenience but has anyone done the analysis of whether this is a good use of resources? There must be thousands of cars on the road making these deliveries but is it more efficient than going to the shops yourself?

It’s pretty complex but has anyone in Better Century done any analysis of the impact of this and thought of any effective alternatives?

I’ve done the research at last!!!

What I’ve found is the following:

  1. Having items delivered save up to 24 times the carbon emissions from driving to get it yourself (and that’s how most people do it)
  2. The last mile of the delivery makes a big impact so it’s good to use collection points.
  3. Returns do have a bigger impact.
  4. It’s probably better to get your food delivered than drive and collect it yourself.

Here’s some interesting reports:


Just to add further complexity to the topic… I see you noted the impact of returns but also there must be a pretty significant impact from missed deliveries and also breakages and goods deemed unusable too (aware these may be have been addressed in the reports you provided!)

Another aspect to consider is the number of items ordered / bought in one go. I know I get lazy ordering individual items on Amazon, I can easily end up ordering one item each day for three days in a row. If I go out to buy what I need I’m more likely to get more items in one go… I guess the online ordering culture is one of convenience and it’s definitely something I’m guilty of myself!

I have been guilty of this in the past, but I now make a point of accumulating things in my basket. I’ve noticed one or two places I shop online that now say it’s better if you do click and collect, so I’m trying to do that a bit more.

I’ve tried to collect several items in my Amazon basket after reading this post. I found it didn’t help :frowning:

Amazon either split the items into several deliveries anyway, or they delivered them together but in several boxes (as below).

Disappointing. Not sure what to do, try click and collect (difficult as I am 8 months pregnant and have a 2 year old) or try writing to Amazon? Has anyone tried to reach out to Amazon or other similar companies to try and get them to change their policies?

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Stinking amazon! :expressionless: I think it would be a minefield trying to get them around.

Would be impressed if anyone’s tried!