Eco Friendly Nappies - Tips Needed!

I am a little ashamed that I haven’t used cloth nappies for my daughter (nearly 2) but I have been using the most eco friendly ones I could find. Eco By Naty are supposed to be biodegradable in 5 years, instead of the 500 years it takes for normal nappies to degrade (I read somewhere!)

Recently many of the Eco By Naty nappies have torn, releasing the internal gel-like material inside which created a bad mess and I am not sure if it is bad for my daughter’s skin. I have not been able to reach their customer service team which I find very disappointing for a brand with such good values.

So my question to the community is - do you know any other eco-friendly nappy brands than Eco By Naty which provides pull-up nappies in size 4? I have not been able to find any!

Hope someone will be able to help :slight_smile:

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Hi Juliet. There have been a few others who have shared on this subject so best to show you where these posts are and link them. Facebook pages have helped with this recommending the use of nappy banks as well. Check in with these other members and ask whatever question may be helpful in making your decision!

Thanks @CommunityManager :blush: I’ve checked Kit and Kin and they don’t have pull ups in size 4. And that’s the only disposable brand I can see mentioned in those posts… maybe we will have more responses! Fingers crossed…