The Devil Finds Work For Idle Hands

Photo courtesy of Zhang Fengsheng

Once this period of internment is over there will be literally millions of people without employment. If I was in Government anywhere in the World I would be quite nervous having so many people milling about with time on their hands, people who’s days were normally be occupied by work.

We need some instant employment such as fitting out all businesses and homes (where practical) to gather solar power with battery storage. Electric vehicles for all, again where practical. A charging network that allows vehicles to charge or discharge into the grid.

We can create millions of jobs literally overnight, someone has to manufacture panels and controllers, someone has to survey, install and maintain all this equipment including maintenance of the electric vehicles, software updates etc, the list is endless.

Great Britain can divert funds already budgeted for, the new Heathrow Runway, HS2 (we can video conference quicker than the fastest train) and of course the Chinese / French Nuclear Power Station. Interest free ‘green’ loans are the way to go, not only does our Government get a cleaner, greener Country it also stands a chance of getting its money back albeit over a period of time. It may not be a perfect solution but one of many. A flawed diamond is better than a perfect pebble.

With plentiful clean, green wind and solar energy coupled with battery storage both in homes, factories and large storage facilities (just like they already have in Australia) we will have little need for legacy ways of transport and power production. We save millions from respiratory diseases get to live in a healthier place live in a happier society and our Government gets to be the good-guys …. for a change, thats got to be worth another 10 years in power for any Political Party !.

We humans are backward looking but we spend and will spend, our lives in the future, now is the time for Great Britain Plc to get everything in order ready for the huge lift off …the rest of the World should be doing the same, Britain needs to get on with this right now before the lockdown ceases. Let’s not have millions of idle hands ……….

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