Is now the right time to press the 'Reset' button on the World?

I did have a set piece to add this month but thought with what’s going on right now maybe a pause for thought would be in order.

As a great book starts off ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’ I feel right now we are on the crux of something that could be good not just for we Brits but for everyone and the Earth itself. Now I’m no tree-hugger, so saying I see a huge opportunity to press the reset button on what we’ve been doing these past 100 or so years. As a businessman I see a need. That need will be for the Government to find employment for the many thousands of people who will have already lost their jobs or are about to do so. I’m not suggesting we rush off and start building Dams…but we could start installing Solar with Battery Storage and Vehicle to Grid charging points couldn’t we?

Think about it. If Government offer interest free loans for businesses and home owners to go Solar it will take a literal army of people to install over the next ten or so years. If there’s enough take up the unemployment figures would be slashed overnight. Loads of disciplines will be required, Health & Safety, Electricians, Roofers, Solar suppliers, Banking to organise the finance, Electric Car manufacturing, the list is endless as will be the Dole queue’s if Government don’t act right now.

What’s in it for Government?, well besides becoming the Party of the People guaranteeing the next ten or so years in office they get to fund everything from the money saved on the Heathrow 3rd runway thats no longer required, likewise the Chinese / French Nuclear Power Station and finally the no-longer needed Leeds to London HS2 rail link…lets face it, it’s quicker by Video Conferencing …and now we all know how to use that now …don’t we just !!!.

At the stroke of a pen, reduce unemployment, reduced dependance on fossil/nuclear fuel and then we will all be ready for the next emergency which will be a shortage of oil (oh yes).

Now if some old Yorkshireman can come up with these thoughts for our future I would imagine a highly paid Government think-tank full of Professors and Sir’s will also have a strategy along the same lines…B

UT they need to act NOW so we can see a way out of this mess. Let our Government be the guys who do the right thing, act fast, get plans in place, give the unemployed a path back to work…quickly, lets not have another Testing / PPE fiasco all because some Civil Servant was too timorous to sign off on desperately needed orders…

The phrase is … Do Your Job !