[Study] Going Vegan is ‘Single Biggest Way’ to Reduce Our Impact on the Planet

I sometimes think that news articles like this are a bit misleading. Going vegan is the biggest thing you can do to tackle climate change?

From the personal carbon footprint calculations, diet makes up a quarter of our emissions. If you move to an electric vehicle is it equivalent to cutting meat out, if you get your house to zero carbon is the same equivalence…

I think that people need to see their decisions in the whole and not feel pressurized by one mechanism.

What do others think?


I completely agree. Many studies are misleading and every person/family is different. I think of it this way, let’s suppose everybody becomes vegan, no chicken farms, no cattle ranches, etc. etc. We all consume land grown food. Now, lets suppose it it not all grown on land and some is hidroponic and some are cultivated in some alternative way. Anyhow I think there will have to be a severe land transformation in order to fulfill the food needed derived from land. And also, watch out for pesticides and fertilizers used for such industrial world-feeding crops, is this sustainable for everyone? I think not. My conclusion is to make better choices, buy local (meat, fish and all, if you consume them), help create awareness on food consumption in your community, share with others, basically lets go back to basics and respect the land that gives us where and what to eat.

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Very true. The land would lose viable nutrients and minerals faster than they can be replaced seeing as everyone would be going vegan. And that would impact the earth directly. From irrigation problems to soil degradation.

This article below highlights even more negatives and how agriculture directly affects climate change.

Thank you so much! Great reading material.