Pots of Chemical Free Toothpaste

Yes it’s true! - I found a company that produces toothpaste in glass pots with aluminium lids (no plastic). They’re based in the UK and I’ve just started using their English Peppermint version (also bought an orange one to try later on) - https://georganics.com/collections/popular/products/natural-toothpaste-english-peppermint. It’s very very minty and provides a good clean. Well done Georganics

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Nice bro! Haven’t seen this before. Great discovery…

These have been around for a while. I’d be interested to know how you get on with them as we tried them and just couldn’t get on with the whole non-foaming thing. My teeth didn’t feel clean at all.
I do use their mouthwash tablets and floss though!

I’m looking for something similar - but I really want it to have fluoride in. Does anyone know of any?