[Recommendation] Little Cherry – Party Supplies

In an endeavour to throw my 2-year-old daughter a more eco-friendly birthday party this year, I stumbled upon this eco-friendly online party supply retailer called Little Cherry. I believe it is quite a small, British founded company so a nice change from ordering from Amazon (which I am guilty of doing a lot).

As we do not have enough tableware for a whole birthday party, I needed to get some disposable plates and cups. At Little Cherry they have a big assortment of both plates and cups in a variety of biodegradable and compostable materials. Plates are made from bamboo, sugarcane, palm leaf and wheat fibre. Clear drinks cups are made from bioplastic which is a renewable and sustainable material made from plants and is both compostable and recyclable.

In the end I ordered the palm leaf plates and the bioplastic cups. I also got biodegradable balloons (yes, there is such a thing!) and compostable string made from natural raffia for hanging them. It doubled as a very nice string for wrapping presents as well.

I was especially impressed with how nice the palm leaf plates looked; they created a unique effect on the buffet table. I also thought it was great to see all the materials available that do the same thing as plastic (arguably doing a better job too!) whilst being friendly to our planet.

I’d highly recommend using Little Cherry next time you need party supplies; it was a good buying experience from beginning to end. They also provide supplies for weddings, party decorations, party bags and much more.


Thanks, I’ll take a look for our kids too

If you’ve got kids (or big kids) who can’t live without a bit of glitter for parties (or everyday!!), the lovely people at Beauty Kitchen do a fantastic plastic free Eco Glitter Balm. We bought it for Secret Cinema (New Romantics at Stranger Things Hawkins High reunion!) but I’m pretty sure it will get used for all sorts!

That’s a great tip! Thank you @Kerena_Fussell :slight_smile: you can never go wrong with some glitter!

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