Personal Action or activism?

Having read this article it makes me question the focus of Better Century to inspire behaviour change. I do solidly believe though we have to influence markets as well as tell the government and companies to do more.

I think for too long people have shouted at another to make change without getting their own house in order. We have to lead by example. I don’t mean we need to become vegans over night or give up single use plastics, there’s got to be some give and take.

What I do think everyone can do tomorrow is move energy supplier, move whatever savings they have, use the car less and eat a little less meat. We live in a consumerist society and there’s just so much waste - both of human and material resource… we can’t keep living that way, and need to learn different ways of doing things.

We also need to stand up and hold others accountable. A wave of support for change has to be presented to our employers, councils, government, banks and supermarkets, and they will change if we also present some feasible solutions. Better Century is also about finding the solutions we can effectively present!

It would be great if people could chip their views on this so we can consider how we adapt as a community of people. We need to think - should we focus on personal action or activism- what will help us achieve a Better Century more quickly?