New year's resolutions... what should people be encouraged to do?

Thought I’d start this topic as a means to gather ideas on what we should encourage people to do with their new year’s resolutions. It would be great to get some community ideas of things which you think everyone should do into the new year. We’ll then create a guide and get it out there in December… We’re about to publish the Better Guide to a Sustainable Christmas, so don’t worry we’re not losing ideas here!

Here’s some initial thoughts:

  • Switch to 100% renewable energy (see guidance)
  • Pledge to reduce your personal carbon footprint (see guidance)
  • Walk, cycle or take public transport to work or to school and get fitter (check out challenge and guidance)
  • Commit to taking now flights in the year (find out why here)
  • Cut down single use plastic (see guidance and take our challenge)
  • Reduce the amount of meat you eat
  • Help a community group fight for action to tackle the climate and ecological crisis
  • Encourage your school or workplace to do more for the environment
  • Join Better Century and be encouraged to live more sustainably and help others

Once we’ve got a consolidated list we can add some commentary.

Any ideas folk of campaign, activities, actions or commitments people could do to help make next year better than the last?

Also ideas on the promotion of this guide also very welcome!

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Thinking that a key resolution could be to cut your emissions by 10% in 2020.

Perhaps we could make this a resolution and get people to sign up to it?