News this week; German transport policy chopping emissions, Atlantic Ocean study has perilous outcomes, Selfridges tapping into reuse revolution, UK has the largest operational wind farm

Transport Policy in Germany is Radically Cutting Carbon Emissions Germany’s policy that gives everyone access to travel on trains for €9 a month, has saved 1.8mtCO2e since its inception in June. One in ten car journeys has been cut by users. This pilot scheme is now being lobbied for to be extended.

Phytoplankton Populations are in Peril A study gives indicates that phytoplankton populations are falling off a cliff in the equatorial Atlantic. This is another indicator of environmental collapse. Definitely, time to get on the side of making change to create a better future.

Selfridges moving into the market of reusing items Selfridges looking to halve transactions of new items by 2030.

UK Wind Farm now in Operation The world’s largest wind turbine (in the UK) has just gone into operation, powering 1.8million homes. Much needed good news after this summer of climate chaos and sky rocketing energy prices.