New Look for Better Century Launched

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve been exploring some new looks for Better Century off the back of feedback from members that they wanted something more visual. Well, we’re pleased to announce that it’s here!

We’ve given the Community Site a full overhaul. You will now get an experience similar to facebook or twitter on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone!

Don’t worry, if you want the old theme back, we can do that for you too. When you’re logged in you can see Better Century as you used to - simply click on this link and you can select interface; Better Theme. When you do that you will see your old view when you login in.

Please give us your feedback by hitting reply to this topic!

Notes about Features

On either layout, you will now be taken to the ‘latest’ listing instead of categories. This is because the navigation on the new view so much improved, especially on the desktop, where you can select categories on the left, and then the tags. We have also included some new links!

Pledges: We’re going to make a bigger deal about this going forward. We want to make more micro pledges and we’d love it if the community also added some of their own!

Guides: Our guides are a valuable asset to the community and represent condensed information to help anyone. Here you will be able to access all guides created by the community. Please help us create more! We really need one on making a Wildlife Friendly Garden and A Guide to Eat Meat.

My Groups: This is a lesser known function to some but for others they are using groups all the time. Now you will be able to get to the groups you’ve joined at a click of a button! If you change the filter at the top when you click on this you can also request to join other groups.


We’re aware that videos don’t appear in the feed as an image which will be annoying for some. We’ll work on this. For the time being you may want to put an image into a topic to make sure it draws the eye when others see it.