New website launch

As per our plans settled and published in September we are ready now to launch our new website. We have been aware that some coming to the site do not know where to start, and therefore have created a website that will help people better understand what we’re trying to achieve together.

With a new website always comes some new thinking about the brand and messaging. We are confident that we’ve got this right and is consistent with what we’ve stood for since the beginning.

There will be no changes to the community part of the site apart from the top bar changing colour, so don’t worry, none of the user functionality you have been accustomed to will be lost!

This is an exciting time. Our website will facilitate a better understanding of our full vision; our business model, the principles to Better Century CIC works to, and will have details of our partnership offer. We will also be able to highlight the great conversations and content which is in our community, which will help people connect.

We are excited and we hope you are too! We hope the website will make you proud of what you’re part of and will encourage you to share it with your friends and family. We will have a series of social media graphics which we hope you will be promoted through personal social networks.

If you have experience of user journeys and website copy, we would like your help by proofreading the content and testing the user functionality. We have set up a group for members to permanently provide input. Join the group if you would like to help in this way.

There will be more information coming on Sunday and do come and join our member get together on Wednesday next week if you would like to discuss the website with others in our community.

Thanks, everyone!


Just so everyone knows - it now out there. Thanks to @georginamorris for proofing the site pre-launch and to @Dessi for all of her amazing work on the site!


Hello to Georgina and Dessi!


I should have mentioned @russell for being the man who spent most of Sunday making the site operable.

Just as a remind to everyone - we are doing this for the love of the idea!!! We really don’t know whether it will scale. That is in the hands of our community…


The site looks awesome! Love the bright colors and the new layout.