Must Read: Public & Work Facilities That Have Improved the Way They Use Resources

I thought I’d kick off a thread for inspiring places people know about which are exemplar projects for places of the future. Could be a school, hospital, council building, exhibition place…

Sharing will help other places do things which are similar…!

Howe Dell Primary School is a sustainably built structure with biodiversity-friendly features. It was built after the previous school site was deemed unsuitable and threatened with closure. The building took eight years to plan due to the new technology being pioneered. Its features include the world’s first Interseasonal Heat Transfer (IHT) system under a playground, which provides heating and cooling for the building. Building materials, fixtures and fittings are made from recycled or sustainable materials where possible. The toilets flush with rainwater, and any excess is used by the irrigation system or to top up the wetland biodiversity area on site. This area, along with sedum roofing, encourage biodiversity and act as outdoor resources for pupils to learn about wildlife. Education embodies the environmentally friendly ethos and includes the ‘Eco Schools’ award scheme.

As a pioneering structure, the school building has experienced minor issues as would be expected. The wooden cladding on the outside of the building has warped somewhat, which is noted as the ‘least successful’ aspect of the project. The architecture and features have otherwise been successful and applications for places at the school consistently exceed the number available.

Check it out here:

Burnaston - Toyota Car Manufacturing - Derbyshire

As a result of a partnership forged with Kew Gardens in 2014, Toyota converted its Burnaston car plant to an 580- hectare eco-park. Led by plant science experts and landscapers from Kew the park has since seen over 400 species, including some which are rare and protected. There are five UK BAP habitats onsite. The landscape was previously a major migratory route for birds in England and a rich wetland habitat. The project strategy was agreed to last for a period of ten years. Insights from the collaborative project will be shared with Toyota branches across Europe. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is also involved with the project and to encourage employees to get involved and learn about nature.

Toyota have also partnered with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust since 2004 to protect and enhance biodiversity at Burnaston. A Management Advisory Group was established in 2009 consisting of staff from Toyota, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and the grounds maintenance contractors. The site is part of the Trent Valley Initiative, which aims to create rich wetland habitat along the river Trent.

The partnership extends to Toyota’s sites in Belgium. Extensive landscaping and planting of native species has taken place at Toyota’s marketing headquarters in Surrey with guidance from Surrey Wildlife Trust.

Just seen this- solar car park!!!

Stumbled across this lady making ‘plastic bricks’ at exploris in N.Ireland. Good interpretation about climate change as well!


Just seen this cool electric charging station in Sunderland… Awesome! We could have these in loads of places if we are to make a better century.

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There are more of such electric forecourts planned, running on renewable power. Can’t wait