About Better Places

Places where we eat, work, play, or are cared for, could use less resource. Even towns and cities can make policy changes to improve the environment. These places are serviced by the community and therefore can be influenced by us. Share what you’re doing and ask what can be done to improve your places.

This is one of the biggest challenges. Often we just need a champion or a group of champions to help change happen. They need information to do this so lets share! - cost/benefits analysis, demonstration project and methods of engagement.

We’ll talk about anything, including:

  • Businesses - from the buildings worked in through to the products bought and vehicles used, all can make a difference, but how do these changes get implemented?
  • School and Hospitals - often have green spaces and can harvest a lot of renewable energy, where are there good examples of where this has happened so others can do the same?
  • Warehouses or factories - use massive amounts of resource and have massive footprints. Where can examples of simple measures that are cost effective inspire other changes?
  • Community facilities - gyms, police and fire stations, council buildings and green spaces can all be managed better, but how we can do that quickly… Together?
  • Councils - where have councils introduced policy which is making a difference - could be recycling, standards for development, green space management…

This topic will also cover campaigning to shift how we use public funding and influence big business, examples and inspiration are needed in this category to make change.