About Better Places

Places can be transformed through influence and as a result be better places to live and work. Learn how to influence your council, workplace, school, university or national government to be more sustainable.

During this century community facilities need to become hubs of energy production and storage as well as resource sharing. As a result, we will be able to attain a low carbon and circular economy. Waste will be reused or recycled as close to its point of disposal as possible and green infrastructure will become a norm.

The 21st century has seen renewed demand for local produce and businesses that challenge the status quo. The environment is important to most consumers and is quickly becoming a top-five political issue. This has put pressure upon national government, councils, public facilities and businesses.

The places where we live, work and are looked after, need to respond to this challenge. Around 35% of our environmental impact is embedded in these places. We all hold a responsibility to help these organisations by pressing and assisting change so that we create longer-lasting and more efficient places for people to thrive.

Here you will learn how you can support this transition. From what you can do to influence national government, through to how you can affect change at the place where you work or go to school. Please also check the countless stories of people affecting change on our community site.

The areas of discussion include:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Councils
  • Workplaces
  • Central Government

Do also check out our amazing web resource.

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