More environmental ways to manage garden pests

Question : Are there more environmental ways that we could manage our gardens - environmental pest controls for those creepy crawlies that we love but do not want to eat our veggies ( slugs : ants : Caterpillers ) : safe bird scarers - to redirect birds away from fruits for the kids ?

Please share your findings.

Answer: I have had a problem with slugs eating my lettuce. V annoying.

Tried ground coffee; orange rinds and wool ( as apparently slugs don’t like crossing dry things) and pine cones - all did not work.

However, I have now buried jam jars with open tops level with the soil - filled with beer ( Boddingtons is best) and this works! slugs go in for a drink and die happy. scoop them out with a spoon and repeat, NO NEED FOR TOXIC SLUG PELLETS THAT ARE BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

Answer: I have had a problem with birds eating my pea shoots. I tried handing bird scarers etc but, they got used to those. So I built a fruit cage all around my veggie patch . it works a treat. I have seen the birds on it trying to get in . JOY - no more mangled peas!


I’ve got ducks and now no longer have a slug problem. I have a duck problem! I have to devise ways of keeping them out of the garden once things start to grow but I let them roam free in the winter months.

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