Interior of your new flat

Newspaper layout:

Even as a growing Architect it’s not easy to understand spaces and dimensions to its precision without a measuring tape. To make this simple in our new apartment my husband and me used this newspaper layout technique to make it simple and understanding of spaces though it’s just 2D it made us easy to understand in circulation patterns. So, what is this newspaper layout technique? Have the measurements of standard size of furniture available in market e.g.; sofa (3 seater, 1.8m x 0.9m) , dining table (6 seater, 1.8m x 0.9m), coffee table(rectangle, 1m x 0.6m), tv stand (rectangle, 2m x 0.45m) was our measurements for the space we had. Hence, we stitched newspaper with cello tape to the available size.

This could be little time consuming, don’t spend too much time on this, for us it took 30 min -45min to stitch newspaper for all furniture sizes. Once the newspaper sizes are ready its very simple and quite fun to play around with various layouts, one thing to keep in mind this furniture cannot be stuck to each other , should have circulation space for its functionality. This also helps us understand if we can alter the dimensions of the furniture depending on the layouts and our priority

e.g.: we spent lot of time finding the right sofa but most of our socializing happens on dining area this is because it’s close to the entrance/ kitchen this is the most active zone in the house, sofa is used only for watching TV alone so our corner L-shape sofa is only for family and less for guests.

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Thanks for sharing. Really useful way to ensure you don’t buy stuff which isn’t right!