Small-scale permaculture/growing your own

I’m very interested in the idea of permaculture as a way of reducing our food miles and waste packaging, but everything I’ve read on it so far is either a) based in the USA or b) assumes that I have a massive amount of garden space. Does anyone in the UK have any experience or advice with permaculture or growing your own food in the average UK garden?


It depends on space available. I’m lucky to have fruit trees and a place for growing and my wife @beckettcatherine and I recon we get about 10% of the food for our family from this source.

Allotments are also used in U.K. where a chunk of land in and around towns cities is provided to people to grow for a very low subscription (eg. £10 a year). These are run by volunteers. Something I understand sos happens overseas.

Let us know about your growing space and I’ll send over some recommendations.