In the event of a climate breakdown

As climate breakdown is a serious possibility in the next 10-30 years, it’s worthwhile considering what contingencies need to be put in place. I’m quite amazed at the size of the community going off-grid. The reasons are mixed but one common thread is the need to create self-resilience.

In the event of a climate breakdown, there will be food scarcities and potentially a wholesale economic breakdown, resulting in hospitals being flooded with people and security checks not clearing. Although I’m obviously fighting for this not to happen I do think it’s important to upskill and think about contingencies for the family.

There’s a few key component parts in my view:

  • Energy security; ability to generate energy and heat your house, and power your vehicle.
  • Food security; ability to grow or access local food.
  • Network and community; knowledge of people can help and reasons for co-support.

That’s why I think it’s so important to educate kids about some of those lesser known skills like growing food. Also - we need to be great at electrical engineering!

Is there anything else people would add to the list?

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On food security, DIY Hacks on growing food indoor would be nice. I particularly like Aquaponic Systems, which combine aquaculture and hydroponics to create a self sustaining symbiotic system.