Importance of Growing Your Veggies

Growing vegetables was a necessity for our grandparents and today for some of our farmers. Taking care of the plants was a daily routine either in the morning or in the evening. They did it with pleasure.

For example, I visited a farmer’s house near Sirsi. The lady would decide her lunch menu after checking her vegetable garden in the morning. It was my privilege to taste crunchy vegetables at their best health condition.

From the above example, I learned it’s good for any edible vegetable or fruit to grow in a mixed farming set-up than an organized way of growing. Tomatoes and basil/mint can grow well together in the same pot. The reason being they exchange potassium and magnesium, essential minerals required to boost the growth of a plant. In this way, you don’t need any extra fertilizers to improve the growth condition of the plants. It’s interesting to know, nature’s design ideas for a healthy plant.


I had no idea that pairing pants has such benefits. Very useful information! @Nikhila_K_N, have you tried this?

I have tried this! I found an article last spring about it which explains the method of mixing plants in a little more detail! Super cool and interesting stuff :slight_smile:

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Yes, I have grown Tomatoes, Potatoes and few herbs along with peppers, chillies, spring onions in my balcony in my flat.

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Wow, on your balcony? How large of a produce did you have? Impressive!

Love this conversation. Going to take this thinking and implement in my garden. Check out my blog about it;