How to have Healthy Plants home remedies?

Healthy Plants It is important to know your plants are healthy, it is easy to find out if there not the leaves droop the colour of the leaves also turns pale yellow. How to keep the plants healthy? I have a few very easy steps that you can followed once a week.

Every time you eat a banana save the banana peel soak it in the water all the night in the morning just use the water to plants. This water provides calcium and potassium to the roots.

The second, is my favourite vegetable peel you can use is onions and garlic see their skins till its handful soak it overnight and use the water in morning for plants. This water will contain magnesium, potassium, nitrates and phosphate required for the plants to grow healthy.

I’ve been following the steps for quite a while now on a glance having healthy thank you is good yield for both stores bought and seeded plants.

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