Holidays abroad - your tips and holiday rituals

Hi all I’m new to Better Century, so I’ll briefly introduce myself. Professionally speaking, I’m an Oxfordshire based Marketer specialising in technical sectors working on projects from launching the new .UK domain names to working with the government working group to make the internet a safer and enjoyable space for all.

I’m growing more fascinated about learning tips and tricks to making better decisions at home with the family and whilst away. I’m currently on holiday and it’s amazing to see how paper straws have been introduced, using the same cup all day and a general feeling of less waste certainly amongst the Brits is so evident. Then it got me thinking of other little actions I can take whilst on my delightful mini break in the sunshine to offset some of the damage of me being here and came across this link which might come in handy for anyone else heading for some sun whilst the kids are back at school:

Let me know if you have any other tips or rictuals you have when on holiday…

Hey Laura, welcome! Cool you’re thinking about how your actions can help make things better for the future.

Here’s some excellent shared experiences and guides which would be useful to dip into.

Thanks @CommunityManager looks like I’ve got some great holiday reads to catch up on! :bookmark_tabs::sunglasses::+1: