Experiences of Divesting Funds Away from Oil & Gas

A lot of the money we have in savings is in our pension fund, but a lot of the time we don’t have much control over it. What are peoples experience of looking at ways to ensure your pension (or even an ISA) is helping create a Better Century? It would be useful to also hear people’s experience of lobbying their organisation to move their pension funds away from fossil fuels or toward infrastructure we need to create a low emissions and low biodiversity impact.

This way we can help others looking for ways to influence where their pension is invested. Thanks!

The national trust has promised to divest it’s 1bn of funds away from oil and gas today. What does Better Centurites think to that?

Good question - there are two schools of thought. Firstly, don’t divest and instead engage with these companies to transition to renewables. Secondly, if you have a serious amount of money, divest, because it will increase the firm’s cost of capital and make it harder for them to exist. We want these firms to either change or go out of business - the former as preferable as we still rely on fossil fuels for a lot of positive products and services.


This is really cool: https://www.ft.com/content/a0fdc6e8-9cde-11e9-b8ce-8b459ed04726?segmentId=8f356614-1478-b0ad-bacd-bbdf90d4bfb6 - my advice: get the hell out of Oil and Gas while you can - not just for the planet, but for your savings too!

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