Brand of heat pump

I’ve heard great things about the Mitsubishi air-source heat pump in various places, including here Installing a heat pump in a Victorian terraced house. However, I’ve been recommended to get a Grant, which apparently is British-made and just as good. Anyone got any experience of them? Particularly with radiators rather than underfloor. Thanks

Perhaps @ValS and @oxonjan could give their pennies worth?

Our heatpump is from Earthsave. It is a UK manufacturer and ours works with radiators. The product is good and we are very happy with it. The key is to make sure whoever you go with has good installers and service backup. Ask for references. We were an early adopter and maybe Earthsave’s commissioning people are more experienced than 2 years ago, but at the time we were a little disappointed.

Thanks for this @ValS. My installers are registered with various bodies and offer good guarantees. Internet reviews are mostly positive.