Being A Catalyst is beginning of change

There are so many definitions for this word catalyst but this is my favourite. A Catalyst Is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change . First time I heard this word in my chemistry class in my high school one of the catalyst I still remember is Alum (used to purify water, it collects all the impurities in cleaning process and makes the molecule heavy to settle down at the bottom of the tank)

This blog is not intending you to give you any chemistry lessons. I would like to discuss how I came across this word again after 15 years of my educational journey. Next time I heard this word was from my Professor during my Master’s. This word ‘catalyst’ fascinated me when it can be an noun, my professor encouraged me to use this word to describe my project in final jury.

Why need a Catalyst?

In the present environment we have more substances give out Carbon to our surrounding but less substance that absorb Carbon here is a small image explaining amount of carbon emission in our present environment, produced by our domestic use, transport and factory produces etc. In this case let’s refer the carbon absorption elements as a catalyst like trees and grasses. As a responsible society we need to introduce more of it to compensate to our luxury life-style.

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