Are floods a sign of things to come?

My home is unusual in that it was built to flood. However, the last couple of weeks have tested us somewhat. My partner and I have written a blog about it here:

Is this the reality of climate breakdown? What do you think?

Hi @Jackie - just read your blog, thank you for sharing. I am amazed by your resilience - each sentence just brought more horrors!

In terms of your question - the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) definitely think so. An article that I recently read ( explains that the higher ocean and air temperatures increase cloud formation, and the higher temperatures means the air can hold more moisture which leads to a higher intensity of rain. They say because we live in a world of 1 'C of warming, this is the new norm which we all need to get used to.

I hope you are back to some sort of normality.

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Thanks @Rachel, that’s really interesting. I’m going to have to think of ways of preventing things floating off!

Just had a read. That sounded like a horribly difficult episode. So sorry and hope the flood waters have fallen now and you’re starting to recover your lives.

It’s great to have a personal story of impact from flooding - so important to raise awareness about the esculating impacts of climate change.

Thanks Tom, we’re all still a bit soggy but we’re pretty resilient. Hope all is well with you and yours xx