5 Stages of Climate Change Engagement

A change management consultant was brought into my last place of work and one of the most useful things they shared was the Kubler-Cross Model of Grief (read more here). Now, this model can be applied to so many situations in life where change occurs.

It struck me when I was reading about a Green MEPs joint interview with Bill Gates, where they really thought his views were naive, that potentially he was simply on another stage of this change management curve to her. It then drew me to create my own grieving curve for climate change.

This is quite interesting as it actually allows me/us to empathise with climate denial - isn’t it a natural reaction? Most are really bargaining - can we help make change/ will it make a difference? We’ve all heard a lot about depression associated with climate change, and then we have accepted that we can do something about it - perhaps one of the most difficult journeys.

I think that many who are engaged in the climate crisis are between acceptance and depression as their opinion sways about how many other people are really engaged in the issue. The good news is that when we reach critical mass acceptance we lead us to a place with more energy/ability!

It would be great to have others views about whether they think this is a good model!