Your positive news bulletin; Global Carbon Emissions Slowing, Energy and Food Production Possible Together, Enzyme Discovered that Generates Electricity our of Air, Waste Mined Rock Could Sequester 0.5% of Emissions

Your positive news bulletin :wink:

A hopeful report on global carbon emissions, which have seen a rise but are slowing. In China flatlining and in Europe 2.5% decrease. However still a rise even during covid and an energy crisis.

Agrivoltaics offer a solution to energy and food production. This brave new world could be energy and food abundant, and carbon positive. Check this out - a green house with solar panels where food production actually increased!

Scientists have discovered an enzyme from a soil bacteria that creates electricity out of hydrogen in the air.

The University of Strathclyde discovered that around 0.5% of global carbon emissions can be sequestered by passing CO2 through rock powders, commonly wasted when extracting rocks for construction. That’s a big dent in the problem just by refining a process!