What do yous all think to the international rebellion?

Reading through the twitter feeds on the Extinction Rebellion today, it seems quite a few people are attacking XR for the action. News reports, the pictures and coverage has been fairly good though…

I think it’s totally necessary to raise public awareness about this issue and force governments to act. The declaration of climate emergency across the country has been effective, and the pressure on the issue is working.

The right are fighting back though in the air wars and really marginalising the activists as left leaning, or cultist. The next few days will be important in understanding how the public are going to react to this over the full two weeks… The public feeling from the action is ultimately the most important part of this action.

I intend to speak publicly at the rebellion (organising at the moment) about how we need a radical shift in culture and how this is a key facet to help make that happen. Would be good to know others views…

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Personally, I’m in awe of them and wish I was brave enough to do what they’re doing. I work in SW1 and have to ride through Westminster every day. Last night in the rain, I was cheered through by the rebels blocking Horseguards Road. I appreciate that some people will be suffering from the disruption - but in spirit I am fully with the rebels. These are desperate times. Grandparents fear for their grandchildren’s lives. The stories of the Quaker lady in her 80’s and the similar aged grandfather spray painting were really poignant. This is NOT a bunch of ‘crusties’ as our so-called leader called them yesterday. These are people who are fearful of what is happening to our planet. More power to them as far as I’m concerned!!


Hello Kerena! I was there with a banner, cheering you through. x