The snow is melting - please stop flying!

The snow is melting - please stop flying! :airplane:Is my message from my recent trip skiing in the 3 valleys in France. :skier:

It is an incredible privilege to ski but it doesn’t have to cost the planet. :earth_asia:

I travelled with a friend by train to Paris and then onto Chambery and then Moutiers. We arrived after leaving London at 1230 to be at St Martin at 2230. :bullettrain_side:

Our other three friends flew to Geneva, hired a car and took probably three hours less than us, but to the cost of 1 tonne of carbon each to travel there. Our trip was 4g of carbon per km per person, amounting to 48kg, around 20x less impact on the climate.

When we arrived the stark effects of man made global warming were very present. It was 14 degrees at the resort, luckily it still had incredible peaks still with snow - after all it is the biggest ski resort in the world covering Chambery, Meribel and Courcheval. :snowboarder:

It was sad though - we all said it was February and it simply should not be so warm. To my friends displeasure I told them we shouldn’t be flying as it’s melting the snow. It is that type of message that gets through as people need to understand the cause and effect of their decisions.

It is incredibly contrived to like skiing and to fly to get there. If we continue that way there will not be much snow at the top of the mountain in the next 10-15 years. I had conversations with my friends as to whether I would teach my children skiing, but it doesn’t seem worthwhile when they are unlikely to enjoy it as adults :pensive:.

My message is also one of positivity. We can turn it around so the slopes get colder and more full of snow when our kids are adults. :pray:

We all need to make changes to make that happen, and when it comes to holidays, we have that choice. The train was amazing - more relaxed, providing amazing views and opportunities to stop and eat in French towns. There is so much joy in not rushing and enjoying the journey.

More of us need to think about our journey in life, not just the destination. If we are more considered about what we truly want - to leave things better for the next generation - then taking a train rather than flying is a very good start!

Here’s a few photos of the valley and me at the top of the mountain.