How to Reduce Use of Single Use Plastics and How Have You Done It?

Reducing the amount of plastic we use day to day can be a real challenge. I’m finding it difficult - I always have a full recycling bin but that’s because I still order online (without the bags). Nonetheless - food still comes in plastic! I’m thinking about going to a veg box or something else to… but it’s tricky…

Suggestions please?!

Found a blog by Greenpeace member:

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There’s quite a few:


Single use plastics is a big crusade in our house right now. I’m currently tackling kitchen and bathroom products rather than food. I figured tackling one area at a time might make it feel more manageable! My biggest issue has been where to buy things. I can find bathroom stuff in one place, kitchen stuff in another etc but then surely the carbon footprint of getting 20 separate deliveries rather than it all coming in the weekly shop can’t be helping either! Have come across the Big Green Supermarket which seems to do lots of eco friendly things and the Plastic Free shop and Peace With the Wild which do lots of plastic free products. Anyone else got any favourites?

Word has it there is a plastic free shop opening locally- keeping my fingers crossed it happens!


Thanks for the links @KatieK. We’re also trying to reduce our use of plastic for shower get, shampoo etc.

Thanks for the lists. I have now stopped using clingfilm to wrap sandwiches, changed from fizzy drinks in plastic bottles to cans, use a keep cup for takeaway coffee, swapped plastic bathroom scrunchies and kitchen scourers for loofah, and thanks to a new shop in town, I can refill shampoo etc bottles. Getting there bit by bit


@Heatherdlc do you use reusable wraps for sandwiches? Any recommendations?

Hi. No, I just got a square Tupperware type container just big enough for the sarnies and put them in there uncovered. No complaints so far

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I’ve recently discovered the Funky Soap Shop.. For the last 7 months I haven’t bought shampoo or shower gel, just used awesome hand made soap. Honey and Banana, Dandilion and Nettle and Tea Tree shampoo, all of which are amazing and loads better than anything else I’ve ever used (Tea Tree Shower gel used to be my favourite).

I’ve put the soaps into old shaving soap containers which are awesome for this type of thing. That’s also a big plastic saver. Just go old skool on the shaving, with badger hair shaving brush and shaving soap.

These things are definitely improving my life and I’m not using plastic.

The soap is still pretty expensive (£4 a bar but lasts like 2-3 months)…

Winner all round in my opinion!

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A thread where we share plastic saving products could be useful for tonnes of people. Will add a few things to get the conversation started.

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Just saw this on Facebook. Still think that the money they get from this type of advertising should be ploughed into making a better future. At least we can do that here!

Alternative to plastic bags for shopping. Genuinely a good idea!

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@russell @Tom I know you guys have both said you want to reduce your plastic use.

I have found this alternative to cleaning products that we would normally buy in single use plastic containers.

There are soluble tablets (a bit like clothes washing tablets) that you add to water in a spray bottle. We are reusing our old kitchen cleaner bottles. We are just finishing up our last few bottles of the old stuff so will report back on how effective etc they are. They come in multipacks which I guess may be frustrating if you don’t use them all at the same rate but we’re going to give it a try and see how we go!

That’s awesome. Thanks Katie. We’ve (with @beckettcatherine) used It’s pretty good actually. Minerals are used to wash the clothes and @beckettcatherine has been pretty happy with the results…

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@Tom we are also eco egg users and again find it really good. We bought our first one more than a year ago and are just about to replace it as it’s started to smell a it funny but so much chepaer that washing powder/ tablets etc too!
It also does a really good job of getting out whatever mud etc a 3 year old boy throws at it!

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@Tom Any experience of their dryer eggs? Their website claims they should reduce drying time by 28% and therefore reduce your electricity bill. Never sure how to assess the accuracy of claims like that but seems like it could be worthwhile?

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Nah. Never used them.

What I have been meaning to share is that I’m now using soap and shampoo bars instead of shower gel and shampoo. It’s actually really liberating!!!

I used and they have some pretty cool stuff. it’s really expensive but I want to be washing myself with something goood!! And it is and also good value… I use one bar of soap for 6-8 weeks and the shampoo bar lasts for like 4-5 months (but I don’t have much hair).

Anyway, I recon I’m saving 2 bottles a month and I’m getting a better clean. Top tip - use a good container for the soap… makes all the difference. I’m using my old Geo F Trumps shaving soap containers… there pretty good and water tight!

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I like to drink squash but it always comes in plastic bottles. I’ve been saving those plastic bottles for a few months before making a load of elderflower cordial. It’s the first year of doing it at scale (hope to make in all 20 litres) but it’s great to go foraging. Check out a few of the photos.

It should do us for half the year of more and then we can reuse the bottles again! Have a similar system going with jam…

Good recipe here to follow although I do it slightly differently. Happy to give tips!

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Just seen this bamboo tooth brush. £20 for a years supply and each one results in a tree being planted.

Anyone tried something like this?

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Tupperware revolution!

I took my Tupperware out to a kebab house and explained that it would save him money if he used my container than his polystyrene one. He other good thing is that it was more robust - preventing spillage. Thank you Abra-kebabra in Chesham!


Here’s a thread which is relevant to the convo!