Sustainable loo roll - what's in your loo?

Just saw this article in the guardian, which is citing research from Ethical Consumer about loo roll. Major brands are reducing the quantity of recycled paper, whilst only a few supermarkets offer 100% bog roll.

There were some recommended brands like ‘who gives a crap?’. Any views, experiences, opinions?

I go 100% recycled and it works for me

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I buy my 100% recycled loo paper from Sainsbury’s but I resent the fact that it’s wrapped in plastic! The same is true of greeting cards. Ridiculous!

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We’ve used the Waitrose one for years - it’s 100% recycled. I did seriously consider Who Gives a Crap because they give 50% of their profits to build toilets for those in need, plus there’s no plastic packaging - but don’t really have the storage space for the amount you have to buy. May reconsider that if Waitrose don’t do something about packaging soon though.

Hi everyone we use Who Gives a Crap and its brilliant, a nice feeling in every way

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Thanks Pete! Good to have you with us and interacting on the site so quickly…

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Hi, I use ‘who gives a crap’ Very pleased with the company. 50% of profits go to building toilets in developing countries. Recycled paper - good quality and fat rolls that last for ages. Rolls wrapped in paper, delivered in a box. Bulk buy 48 rolls delivered to house every 16 weeks ( I split order with my sister) Highly recommended