Sustainability dilemmas: do you care if a company's sustainable products or practices are led by a push for profit rather than a genuine interest in the health of the environment?

We're seeing a greater shift in typically non-sustainable companies promoting eco-friendly solutions in how their products are created, delivered and disposed of... now that consumer preferences are changing and sustainability in business is becoming more of a necessity rather than a USP, should we care about distinguishing between companies who genuinely care about their impact to the environment vs companies who could be seen as 'greenwashing'?

This is complex because perhaps we shouldn’t care about the intention or motive if the outcome leads to more sustainable products and services. But on the other hand, one could argue that without strong ecological values at the core, real and long-lasting impact can’t really be achieved.

This is one I’ve been grappling with for a while. Let me know your thoughts below by hitting ‘reply’ to this thread!