Small Steps, Big Returns

When discussing carbon reduction with family and friends I’m often amazed to learn they don’t have the foggiest what I’m talking about. Discussing some simple steps that have financial gains… usually gets some interest.!


Start off by swapping out light bulbs, go for low energy, LED (light emitting diodes) bulbs, they can be the regular bayonet bulbs through to G10 down-light types, Every light you currently have has a low-energy equivalent, even outside security lights !. Lighting can be a huge power drain, if you have children you know that lighting is free to use ….not !!!.

Start looking at the appliances you own, We replaced our elderly boiler / hot water cylinder for an instant water / heating on demand boiler, we gained a cupboard (quickly requisitioned as a drying cupboard) plus we knocked about £50.00 pm off our gas bill, result !.

When replacing check out the energy usage for each device, we needed to swap out a faulty fridge-freezer it took quite a while but we managed to find one that used less energy plus it keeps food fresh about five days longer than the old one did so two savings, energy and waste food is reduced. Think about your own situation, we are lucky to have a good source of wood so the house is usually background heated by a wood burner located in the kitchen, it makes the house a warm place to be without breaking the bank for gas. As a home-worker it keeps the cost of fuel down especially in winter and I don’t have to walk about dressed like the Michelin Man either !. We replaced our large dishwasher last week with a slimline unit that can be set to come on during the night when we are on cheap electricity again a saving in water as its smaller plus a saving on the cost of energy used.

As per the title small changes bring big results, long-term. Lined curtains keep in more heat in than unlined and cost very little more. Thicker underlay when having a new carpet blocks cold air from the under the floor cavities, we are not talking major changes just applying a little bit of thought by adding ‘energy-saving’ to the tick list when upgrading or adding items to your home.


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That’s the trick. Consider the energy impact when you have to replace something anyway. Lots of small things add up


Loving these tips - thanks Steven!

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Yes lots of little things is the way to go. By the way the wood we burn is kiln dried, costs more but burns better !