Sharing small wins in influencing others to live sustainably

Hi everyone!

We’d love it if you could share small wins you’ve had around influencing friends or family to live sustainably. These could help others to build the confidence to do the same.

If you could let us know who did you influenced, how you influenced them, and the outcome, that’d be awesome :grinning:

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I’m pleased to share a small success recently. As you may know I’ve been using my bike trailer to take my kids to school - see the piece here (which I need to update :frowning: ).

I’ve been getting kids to come to the park after school with their parents, and we’ve built up quite a group. Two of the kids have told their parents now that they want to have a trailer and already one parent has bought a trailer (off facebook market place - loads of them) and now cycles her child to school every day.

Very happy with that win :slight_smile: