Probably the most important books I've read - Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet

I finished this book last night and I want to let the wonderful community at Better Century know that this is a game changer. Its concepts our built into the philosophy of Buddhism but there are incredibly powerful and important. Here are a few of the important ideas:

  • Individualism causes many environmental issues as through the concept of self we experience more suffering and need things to help us. By accepting we are interdependent and are made up of the earth, and will live more happily.
  • In finding inner peace and converting anger and despair into compassion for others, we will find our own happiness and be able to assist a fair transition.
  • By understanding our true purpose and working with others who support us, we trust there is hope to create a better future.

I would recommend the book very highly. It has changed my attitude for the better and is making me stronger in my work. I suspect it will do the same for you.