Our homes can become the cells of a better world

We are proud of our homes in Britain - they are our castles. These places give us our grounding and are our expression of who we are. Our identity is formed by the place our home is situated and the community which surround it.

Our homes give and take.

They give us a place to recharge so that we can do more for society. They nurture our young in a safe space for them to grow. They sometimes provide us with food from the garden and give us a place to build our support network of friends and family.

To build our homes takes materials, to make them work takes electricity, gas/oil/wood, water, internet, and telephone lines. In the modern world, our homes are full of gadgets, which enhance and change our experience of being at home.

The balance of what homes give and take has changed over time and so has our relationship with them. For many, the home is now a place where they eat, sleep, use a gadget or watch something, between the times when they go somewhere else. Many have moved away from using the home as a place for creation and community.

Each home represents an expression of humanity. Transitioning this in times of climate and ecological crisis is vital to tackling the problem. The balance of give and take from our homes needs to change, but that requires us to see the home as a place for creation and connection with communities once again.

There needs to be a modern expression of this. Homes can power themselves and our transport, can generate; heat, fertilizer, biodiversity, food, and even capture water. We could marvel at the brilliance of it all on an app.

Some say it’s too expensive to do this. I wonder whether people really consider how much money they’re putting into pensions and savings. This could be directed into their home with a much higher dividend, socially, economically and environmentally. The returns are good, installing energy efficiency measures or microgeneration of energy, and out-compete other investments, especially in a low-interest economy.

There are amazing homes out there which have become self sufficient, check out Super Homes cases studies for inspiration, and if you’re looking for help, check out GreenBuildingStore, Parity Projects & SaveMoneyCutCarbon, there’s solutions for everyone.

Do you agree that homes now need to become the place for creation and community once again? Do please provide your opinion.

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I totally agree with the sentiment of the article, but so difficult to fulfill for a renter like me!

True. I wonder if there is an Association of Renters for Sustainable Housing. If not, perhaps we should make one?!

This would be a way of pressurising local authorities and government to improve conditions for renters.

yes you are right, the house is no longer the place where you just sleep and eat - this is something more the house has already become a part of the image - a rich house shows the richness of your internal world, the style of the house shows a part of you, for this people buy luxurious houses so that they can play up their character. For a long time I have been dreaming of a house by the sea - the House of my dreams, with large windows and a beautiful view. This is the very place where I could stay with myself with my thoughts - where I can create in peace

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