Opinion | The coronavirus pandemic is a fire drill for climate change. Pay

This article has displayed some interesting thinking about how the front line services that we all too often take for granted need more attention to tackle climate change. Some great thinking, well worth a read.

If you do - what do you think?


Bang on the nail with this piece the next big ‚Äėthing‚Äô will be something bad will happen with the climate, its already caused chaos in Australia with huge out of control fires and massive tornado‚Äôs in America. Successive British Governments choose to ignore the signs. By now every home and business should have installed solar with battery back up and vehicle to grid, V2G enabled, yet again nothing in the way of interest free loans, grants or anything, meanwhile millionaire‚Äôs who own airlines are receiving generous bail outs‚Ķthere‚Äôs something wrong somewhere. You only have to look at new car sales, down 44% in Great Britain‚Ķwhereas Electric Car sales are soaring, up over 200%‚Ķpeople are voting with their feet, it would be nice if this current Government joined us.

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