Is not Black Friday entirely incompatible with tackling the climate and ecological crisis?

We should probably coin a new term ‘hedonistic consumerism’. The emptiness we feel inside is being filled by the short term satisfaction of buying something new, ideally something we don’t really need. We buy these things as our relationship with society and community does not leave us whole, in our despair about the world, we find a way to satisfy the ‘I’.

This is the way I feel about Black Friday. For many, it’s a chance to buy something they’ve long desired. But the long ques and the frantic nature of this consumerist rabble sings of something impractical, it results in us competing to buy… buy… buy…

It destroys our belief that there is a sameness in our desire to tackle to the climate and ecological crisis. It deteriorates our collective ability to stand for something good rather than simply for ourselves.

I may be being entirely morose about this day and would love some opposing views or some voices that agree! :wink:

I totally agree and find the sale scrums outdated now. Perhaps we’ll see a change this year, although as it’s part of the general Xmas hype, I guess not. I just realised this year that my usual ‘Bah Humbug’ attitude to Xmas will actually make me more sustainable. I still blame sheer grouchiness though

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