[Discussion] Climate Change Threatens World Heritage Sites

It was 50 years ago that Venice suffered such devastating flooding. While floods are normal at this time of the year in Venice, they have never happened with such frequency before. Experts say that climate change is likely to blame.

Did you know that the Venetian council voted against a measure to fight climate change just a few moments before their chamber flooded?

The warming waters are about to kill the coral in the Great Barrier Reef while rising sea levels threaten to take over many of the world’s great archaeological sites — including the Neolithic village Skara Brae in Scotland.

If the world wants to save these sites, countries will need to share financial resources, best practices, and technology.

Our children may never get to see what we, as a civilization, seem to be taking for granted today. Let’s be the change! :point_down:

I’ve always been passionate about natural world and never really thought about climate change hitting world heritage sites, but it obviously will. This is a key discussion!

In the UK Big Ben would be under water and the houses of parliament would be swimming with a 5 meter rise in sea level. And overseas I would think that places like Ankor Wat in Camobodia would flood and the heat of the desert would result in the Egyptian Pyramids inaccessible and difficult to maintain.

It makes you think that we’ll have little to celebrate about human history if we let the world deteriorate to such a degree. We must work together to sort this out, it is the only way to live with honour and pride for who we are!

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In Scotland, a proposed World Heritage site is quite close to a proposed space hub in Sutherland and is on a site of special scientific interest and peat bog, but the authorities think they can push it through. [[www.wordsreunited.co.uk]

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