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To make a better future we need organisations to campaign, make amazing demonstration projects, conserve wildlife, and educate people. Putting your money in a place which helps do this can make a massive difference and has tax benefits.

A donation made to a UK charity is tax-exempt. During the lifetime of a tax-paying donor, a charity can reclaim the basic rate of tax and the donor can reclaim the proportion of higher rate tax. For an individual or donation, this results in £100 becoming £125 for the charity, and if the donor is a higher rate taxpayer, they can also reclaim £25 through their end of the year tax return.

Here you will learn about various charities that can help make a better future, alongside options for making tax-effective donations.

One-off donations

You may simply want to respond to appeals for emergency funds to cover a campaign or the purchase of a piece of land. It is expensive for charities to run these types of appeal so that their message reaches you.

If you’re interested in donating in this way, then the best thing to do is to choose a charity and add yourself to their email list. This way, when they have an appeal, you can respond electronically and cut their costs.

Regular donations

Making a monthly or annual contribution to a charity means that they can plan for the future, allowing for such things as the employment of staff to run a campaign or project. These regular donations are very easy to set up by direct debit and if you do this without responding to a phone call or appeal in the street, this often results in more money going to the charity.

A big benefit of regular giving is that you factor in the monthly expenditure and receive some updates without much of a continued appeal for support from the charity.

Share giving

Some charities accept shares or other types of gifts, however these are usually a headache for the charity to process, with most needing financial or legal support.

Legacies (giving when you die)

Making a donation to a charity through a legacy is a generous way to recognise the work of a charity. Sadly, when we pass away we often have more money than at any point in our lives, so gifts of this kind can make a massive difference. Most charities have a legacy scheme with some offering support in writing up a will.

Donations through legacies often result in an injection of funds into a charity which can set them on a real trajectory for helping change the world. Consider supporting a charity in this way. You can often request a legacy pack to be sent to you and can have a very easy conversation with someone at the charity about how you can make a donation of this type.

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