Banking and Borrowing [Better Money]

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Banks earn their money by repackaging financial products, from bank accounts to mortgages, into investment bonds which are then publicly traded. Debt becomes a tradeable asset whilst deposits become a means for a bank to invest and make a profit. This means banks are a powerful means to create a sustainable future.

Banks lend and invest in businesses and projects which can make a multitude of positive impacts, such as large scale renewable energy. When they hold a large enough portfolio of customers and projects, they are pretty much entirely backed by the government. This adds the necessary security; as if banks fail, then so do numerous projects, our savings and the public sense of security in banking.

Here you will learn why banking and borrowing can help make a better future and how you can affect change through the institutions who support you in these areas.

Ethical Banking

Where we decide to bank and borrow will have a bearing on how the future is created and we can make demands upon the banks where we hold accounts. Even if a customer is in constant debt to a bank, they are still an asset, as much as someone who pays in regular earnings!

We can ask our banks to tell us where they invest and can ask them to do more. And if we don’t like their answers, we can always bank somewhere else.

Ethical Borrowing

Our choice of mortgage or business loan can also have an influence on how the future is shaped. As these debts are often repackaged into bonds and traded, these mortgage companies hold incredible assets which they can then re-invest. Just like banks, you can enquire how these companies invest their assets, and if you don’t like what they do, then you can take your business elsewhere.

Why and How to Bank and Borrow Ethically

People have an incredible say in how money moves. We have the keys to creating a better future and simply need to unlock our potential so that we can collectively create it.

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