Announcing Ecobeagle as the newest partner of Better Century

I am delighted to welcome EcoBeagle, the ethical online shop, as a partner to Better Century. You can find out more about them at

This is another great partner as suggested by our Community and thank you to @kl07b who recommended them, saying, ‘ I think EcoBeagle would make a great partner. I recently discovered the site and it has a good range of products and some good insight in the blog section’ .

We’ve also featured EcoBeagle in our Ultimate Guide to Zero Waste Living – check it out to find out more.

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I’ve just been onto @EcoBeagle bought myself some solid dish washing soap. I’ve been looking for ages for alternatives for my plastic bottled version - so shall give this go. Thank you!

Thanks so much for being a customer Rachel! I hope you like it - I’ve had great feedback so far.