The most brilliant innovations to tackle climate change

What innovations have you come across which you think are a game-changer for tackling climate change?

Could be energy systems, apps, transport technology, tree planting schemes, really anything which you think has come into the fore recently and will disrupt everything for the better.

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I think that the variable rate tariffs provided by Octopus Energy are a game changer!

They’ve been so smart in creating a system whereby a customer can exploit times at which energy prices are low or negatively priced. We desperately need this in our energy systems as it helps to dramatically reduce the cost of running Electric Vehicles and Air Source Heat Pumps.

Definitely one of the coolest things in recent years…

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For me, it’s zero waste products. So, for example, reusable make up remover pads, reusable water bottles etc.

Anything that reduces the amount we need to dispose of!

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Thanks Tom - can totally see this!

Thanks Helen for your input and sorry for the slow reply. We need to do our upmost to reduce waste…