The Benefits of Green Walls and Roofs

Green walls and roofs insulate buildings, clean the air, absorb carbon dioxide, reduce noise pollution and can provide habitat for insects. They are increasingly used in cities to help buildings avoid overheating, to cool the air and absorb air pollutants.

Buildings are greened by supporting the growth of plants. This is either done by encouraging climber plants, or through the construction of planter boxes or fixing substrate for plants to grow. Numerous plants, including herbs, wildlife flowers or even edible fruit may be grown on green walls or roofs.

The benefits of green walls and roofs

Green Walls

Green walls improve the aesthetics of a building as well as offering numerous environmental and wellbeing benefits. They can increasingly be found internally as businesses are realising that these natural features improve working environments. They are also now being installed as stand-alone and on-building features outdoors in cities to tackle air pollution as well as the overheating experienced during increasingly hot summers.

Green roofs

Green roofs increase the energy efficiency of a building, they capture and clean water as well as capturing carbon, and provide habitat for insects and birds. They are increasingly being used in cities to support wildlife and due to their properties of absorbing heat and water, and they are being used to mitigate issues associated with climate change, whereby they can absorb water as well as heat. Ponds are also being built on roofs to clean greywater.

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