Real Carbon Emissions from Food

Very interesting! Going to have to get myself some chickens for the garden, and start assessing how much carbon I’m saving through growing.

Pleased that wild fish is so low on the rankings, but amazed that Chocolate and Coffee are so high up the list when people consume so much of this and don’t make a big deal of it.

Our World in Data is an excellent source of information and from our own University of Oxford.

Don’t forget these are global figures and there are a side variety of beef cultivation methods. Also note that it compares foodstuffs on a kg basis and I am not sure you are therefore really making valid comparisons - is 1kg of beef really ‘equivalent’ to 1kg of wheat or bananas?

It also seems to argue that because consumers ‘want’ certain types of food all-year round it is better to import them from where they are grown seasonally ,rather than refrigerate them for many months. This is of course nonsense as consumers ‘preferences’ should not be considered sacred in this way.

Why is cheese so much higher than milk?

It’s probably because it’s per weight. It uses a lot of milk to make a KG of cheese, and there’s additional processing. But I don’t know for sure.