Making renewable energy cheaper - an idea needing feedback

I’ve been playing with an idea that will fund people to make their switch to renewable energy cheaper. At the moment I am hoping for some feedback here on the following: -

  • If someone switches to a green energy supplier, then I believe there are only a few that will actively invest money from their business into building new renewables infrastructure, i.e. Ecotricity. But am I right? What’s the extent of the growing renewables market which are now investing in actually developing energy generation rather than simply purchasing REGO certificates?

Answers to these questions will really help me in properly considering if a scheme to make the premium eco-energy cheaper would be of value. It’s only a rough idea at present, but now is the time to get advice and test opinion.

Hope BC can help?

You might find the Good Energy sit helpful

It’s such a grey area. Those companies who actually own their own energy production include Good Energy and Ecotricity, but I know for a fact that Ecotricity hasn’t built any new capacity for a few years (ever since onshore wind was done in by the Tories). I’m sure that the super green energy suppliers will be buying renewable energy off other producers as well…

I don’t really know the extent of renewable energy suppliers actually building more capacity but I imagine it would be very small as most will have another company that does the development and there are tonnes of independent renewable energy developers.

Probably doesn’t help but those are my thoughts.