LionAid roaring after £1,000 holiday bonus!

LionAid is the leading lion conservation charity. With less than 10,000 lions left in the wild, LionAid focuses on protecting and conserving endangered lions worldwide.

Evergreen Insurance Services are insurance broking business who pride themselves on the highest level of service whilst helping the natural world. Their founder, David Gardiner, has a passion for animals and the conservation of nature.

When clients insure with Evergreen, they get to nominate from a panel of 26 charities. Each charity helps the natural world in a different way. Whether it is a butterfly, a bee, a hedgehog or an elephant, there is a charity to help all aspects of nature. The charity, chosen by the client, then receives up to 25% of the commission on the policy which has been taken out.

Throughout the holiday season, Evergreen held a competition to generate enquiries and funds for charity. In addition to regular donations, the charity generating the most enquiries would win £1,000. The charities promoted the incentive to their base and enquiries followed. The eventual winner was LionAid.

LionAid has now been presented the cheque which will help in the fight for the conservation of lions. It is currently running a campaign to ban trophy hunting and prevent the import of lion trophies to the UK and other EU countries. In addition, LionAid is educating the next generation about the plight of lions and ways to save those few remaining.

Evergreen Insurance Services put ethics at the heart at everything they do. If you need a quotation for commercial or personal insurance, get in contact with them for a no obligation quotation and you will receive great cover whilst helping the natural world.

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Contact: David Gardiner